Fifth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics

To register for the Congress and pay the registration fee and dinner ticket(s) you need to have your active account at this website. If your account already exists, you can complete the registration of yourself and other attendees you want to register by proceeding to Registration and payment pages accessible through the Participant menu on the right after your logon.

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Conference registration fees (in Euros)
till 30 July 2011
from 31 July 2011
VI members (registration incl. conf. dinner) 480 550
Non-members (registration without conf. dinner) 510 580
Non-members (registration incl. conf. dinner) 570 640
Senior (over 65) members of the VI
(registration incl. conf. dinner)
380 450
Senior (over 65) (registration without conf. dinner) 410 480
Senior (over 65) (registration incl. conf. dinner) 470 540
Student VI members (registration incl. conf. dinner) 320 370
Students (registration without conf. dinner) 340 400
Students (registration incl. conf. dinner) 390 450
Day rate
Additional dinner ticket 60 70


School registration fees (in Euros)
till 30 July 2011
from 31 July 2011
Student VI member 240 260
Student 260 280
Academic VI member 290 340
Academic 310 360
Non-academic 360 410

Registration fees include lunches on the conference or school days, respectively. The school fee includes also the school dinner on 14th October 2011.

Cancellation policy: Full payment (minus 5  percent handling fee) can be refunded until 31 August 2011.